'Behind Enemy Lines' Will Be a TV Series Now

September 16, 2015


After 14 years, the wait is finally over: we're getting a TV adaptation of Behind Enemy Lines. Deadline reports that Fox has given a put pilot commitment to a series based on the 2001 film, which saw Owen Wilson as a Navy pilot escaping from Bosnia after his plane was shot down... BEHIND ENEMY LINES. Hostages creator Jeffrey Nachmanoff will write and direct the pilot, which it's said will focus on "an American flight crew that is shot down while on a secret mission over the jungles of Latin America, their commanding officer aboard an aircraft carrier fighting to bring them home, and a female CIA officer in Washington who stumbles into a sprawling conspiracy that unites them all," and makes them best friends.

Behind Enemy Lines may seem a strangely arbitrary option for series adaptation, but as it turns out, this story gets either stranger or far more rational. See, Behind Enemy Lines is ALREADY a series. While we've been naïvely living our lives under the assumption that no on else has been behind enemy lines, 20th Century Fox has been quietly sending MORE men behind enemy lines, and more films straight to video. In 2006, the studio released Behind Enemy Lines II: Axis of Evil, which was followed by 2009's Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia (starring Joe Manganiello!). Just last year, yet ANOTHER sequel hit not-theaters, too: SEAL Team 8: Behind Enemy Lines, starring Tom Sizemore, as only makes sense.

Turns out, this is just a natural extension of the brand! So ask not why there will be a Behind Enemy Lines TV series. Ask why there still isn't a Sniper show somehow.

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