Blue Beetle and Booster Gold May Get a Movie

September 18, 2015


Perhaps finally fulfilling my long spoken desire for this to happen, Warner Bros. has reportedly started development on a Blue Beetle and Booster Gold team-up film. The Tracking Board brings the rumor, adding that Green Arrow/The Flash/Supergirl/Green Lantern producer Greg Berlanti--Warner's "guy who read the comics" they ask about superhero things--is producing. HeroicHollywood confirms the news in adding that supposedly Incredible Hulk/X-Men: The Last Stand/Elektra writer Zak Penn will handle the script.

For those non-nerds out there, Blue Beetle and Booster Gold are, respectively, in the loosest terms, sort of like a less effective, less stoic Batman and an Iron Man but from the future and even more of an asshole blowhard. They work together quite a bit, and though they've both had extremely serious and even tragic moments through their histories, the results of their team-ups are often more lighthearted, goofier affairs. Given Warner's dictum that superhero movies shouldn't be funny, though, maybe now Blue Beetle gets his name from the morose depression that drives his unsmiling vigilantism?

(But if you go the buddy comedy route, Warner, come on: Glenn Howerton as Booster Gold and Rob McElhenney as Blue Beetle will totally work.)

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