Chloë Moretz Gets Her Post-Apocalyptic Young-Adult Love Triangle Thing with 'The 5th Wave' Trailer

September 1, 2015


Here's the trailer for The 5th Wave, a film about the fifth, exhausting wave of young-adult, sci-fi action-romances to assault our theaters.

Chloë Grace Moretz stars as a teen trying to survive an alien invasion that some obnoxious jerks called the "Others" are really dragging out here. As the title implies, the attack is spread out across five waves.

The first? DARKNESS, in which they cut Earth's power, forcing mankind into a hibernation in which we all just play Scrabble by candlelight. It's kind of quaintly fun at first, but it gets boring. Next: "destruction," when they wrecked our cities with leftover effects from Roland Emmerich movies, flooding our towns with CGI floods somehow. Then came "infection," the biological warfare of giving us a deadly disease that the pharmaceutical companies never even had time to profit from. The fourth wave was outright attack, when the Others revealed they were already among us, then started killing us, which makes sense. And the fifth wave... that's when they make their final assault, taking over people's bodies and killing us some more. It... it kind of sounds like what I was told the fourth wave was... but whatever. If General Liev Schreiber wants to name it a new wave, good for him. No one questions Ray Donovan.

Have a look:

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