'Coach' Follow-Up Waved Back Off the Field

September 1, 2015


Five months since announcing that they would make a sequel to ABC's '90s sitcom Coach, NBC has at last joined everyone else in recognizing how woefully misguided that is. According to Variety, the network that was so confident as to order 13 episodes of a Coach follow-up has now canceled that order mid-production, putting an end to Craig T. Nelson's second fake football career.

The show was meant to pick up nearly two decades after the original, with Hayden Fox, the man we know as Coach, now joining his son in heading up a nascent football team at an Ivy League school. NBC was so confident in the idea, they had already set up a website teasing, "Between dealing with the eggheads on campus and his hostile daughter-in-law at home, Coach will soon learn that he's not in Minnesota anymore. Talk about a Hail Mary!" Talk about one indeed! I guess?

It's said the network's decision to abruptly drop the series came due to "creative issues." Chiefly, the creative issue that the best idea anyone at NBC had was "more Coach."

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