NBC Plans 'In the Line of Fire' Series, Gay 'Hart to Hart' Remake

September 18, 2015


Over the last couple years, NBC has made many, many inexplicable decisions to turn their network into a sad simulacrum of the past. Trying to recreate old films, they've put into development a Problem Child series, a multi-camera Uncle Buck sitcom, a small-screen take on Marley & Me, Frequency: The Series, A Few Good Men... Live!, and, just today, a Taken prequel series that doesn't make sense. They've also desperately tried to steal from what once worked for other networks, attempting a reboot of CBS's Murder, She Wrote, a SECOND attempt at remaking Channel 4's The IT Crowd, and a follow-up series to ABC's Coach.

In keeping with those clear patterns of mental illness, NBC has now added a new title to each list.

In the film-to-TV category, they're reportedly adding an adaptation of In the Line of Fire, based on the 1993 Wolfgang Petersen thriller that starred Clint Eastwood and John Malkovich. The film focused on a disgraced Secret Service agent who let Kennedy get assassinated (whoops!) but gets a shot at redemption when he learns of an attempt on the current President's life. Admittedly, this could be pretty cool if done right as a series. Having the guy let a President die every season would really make that finale sing when he finally ends up saving one.

In the other column, NBC has reportedly added a remake of Hart to Hart, the early '80s ABC mystery series that saw a rich couple using their copious free time to solve some crimes. They've got a new spin on it, though: Now the rich couple is gay! LGBT activists and anti-gay groups are for once united in absolutely no one giving a shit.

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