Phil Lord, Chris Miller Now Making Series About 'Serial' Podcast

September 30, 2015


Lego Movie and Jump Street directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller have found yet another project to attach to their wildly productive fused brain. Though they're already developing a Han Solo prequel, an animated Spider-Man movie, The Flash's treatment, and a cartoon barbarian sitcom--in addition to their producing work on the Lego franchise, Jump Street, and Last Man on Earth--now the duo are developing a series based on the popular Serial podcast. Serial Host Sarah Koenig and her This American Life producers Julie Snyder, Alissa Shipp, and Ira Glass are also involved in the adaptation, which it's said will not focus on the investigation central to the podcast's first run. This will apparently be more behind-the-scenes, based not on the content but on the making of the show. The series will soon be pitched to any cable outlets that aren't yet sick to death of people telling them how good Serial is.

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