'Playmobil' Movie To Focus on Grinning Plastic Felons

September 29, 2015


Taking the dark, gritty adaptation trend to its natural extreme, Paris-based ON Animation Studios has revealed that its previously announced Playmobil movie will deal with the desperate, seedy underbelly of Playmobil's dead-eyed world.

According to Variety, the studio's $75 million animated take on the toys will be titled Playmobil: Robbers, Thieves & Rebels, said to be the first chapter in a trilogy that apparently begins with an introduction to all the little plastic malefactors.

It may seem an oddly dark direction to go with a toy line where everyone is perpetually smiling, but as it turns out, felons actually play a fairly substantial, controversial role in the Playmobil family. On the company's official site, you can pick up a set plainly called "2 burglars," featuring a shady-looking pair complete with a crowbar, handgun, and dynamite. Or, on Amazon, you can get the "Bank with safe" set--which, made for ages seven to ten, also notably includes a woman armed with a pistol. That set drew criticism from UK anti-gun activists, but perhaps now we'll at last hear the pistol woman's side of the story. Maybe she's just a single mom doing whatever it takes to provide for her child in a system rigged against her. And maybe, just maybe, this seems like a really bizarre approach for an animated Playmobil movie, doesn't it?

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