Modern-Day 'Taken' Prequel Series To Be NBC's Latest Attempt at Something

September 18, 2015


NBC has a very particular set of skills. Skills they have acquired over a very mixed career. Skills that make them a nightmare for audiences like you. Chief among those skills? The ability to produce some of the most bafflingly misguided film-to-television adaptations ever devised. So, following in the recent developments of a Problem Child series, a multi-camera Uncle Buck sitcom, a small-screen take on Marley & Me, Frequency: The Series, and A Few Good Men... Live!, now the network has given a straight-to-series order to a show based on Taken.

Deadline reports that Universal Television and Europa Corp--the studio of Taken writer-producer Luc Besson--are co-producing the series, but there is not yet a writer or showrunner attached. Liam Neeson will, of course, not be reprising the role--not just because he's not yet ready to lower himself to broadcast television but because it wouldn't make sense for the conceit they've laid out.

See, this will be a prequel. Finally, the character that popularized the aged-family-man action hero will be made into a mundanely traditional, young, single action hero. It's said "the series will focus on how Mills acquires his 'very particular set of skills' and becomes the character we all know." Except that it won't make sense in that context, because the series will be set in the present day, not in a time when Neeson's Bryan Mills would have actually been young. The ideal program for anyone looking for completely nonsensical answers to their pressing Taken origin questions.

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