'The Force Awakens' Awakens Abroad a Couple Days Early

September 8, 2015


Get ready to avoid a couple days of Le Réveil de la Force spoilers, because France is getting the new Star War early. It's being reported that the country where Jar Jar Binks is held up alongside Jerry Lewis as a comedy icon, assumedly, is getting The Force Awakens on December 16, two days before it arrives stateside.

Meanwhile, on Facebook, it's been officially confirmed that the UK will be getting Episode VII on December 17, and if the IMDb's release dates are reliable, they aren't the only ones. It seems much of the world will now see The Force Awakens early--beginning with the United Arab Emirates. The IMDb lists the release there as the sole December 15 debut. Don't be jealous, but so many exotic pet jungle cats of Dubai are going to see this in a theater before you.

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