Vin Diesel Promises 'One Last Trilogy' of 'Fast/Furious' Movies

September 28, 2015


Taking to Facebook over the weekend, Vin Diesel promised that he'll deliver "deliver one last Trilogy to end the saga" of the Fast and Furious franchise. Also, he posted this photo of himself with that announcement, which is odd, because it's not a very flattering photo. But it isn't like it's so unflattering that it's funny, either. It's just the kind of photo where if you had it on your phone, you'd probably delete it, then clip your nails. But hey, whatever you want to do, Vin. And that includes making two more Fast films to finish off the trilogy he previously said was kicked off with Furious 7 (or maybe it's a new trilogy that ends in a tenth film now?). That said, there's still not a director for the eighth film, and Diesel says "NO ONE has been offered" the position yet--despite rumors to the contrary. That may change soon, though, as the actor and producer added, "I will announce the directors on my next post..."

By the way, Vin Diesel has already made his next post, and he didn't reveal the directors of the coming films. He chose a way better photo, though.

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