'Annabelle' Meets 'Problem Child' in 'The Boy' Trailer

October 14, 2015


Here's the trailer for The Boy, a film that is like one of those news magazine specials on bad babysitters caught on nanny cams, but SPOOKY.

Lauren Cohan stars as a young American woman who takes a job as a nanny to an elderly couple in the English countryside. The couple has a very particular set of rules they demand the woman follows, though. It includes demands like "don't cover his face," "never leave him alone," and "don't forget to feed him." Pretty reasonable stuff, actually. Or at least it would be--IF IT WERE A REAL BOY.

See, turns out these old people have taken on the creepy "reborn" tradition of taking care of a doll surrogate to replace the child they lost years prior. Naturally, then, once the couple leaves on their holiday, our nanny protagonist quickly tosses out the rules, which all seem a bit superfluous for a kid made of porcelain. And, just as naturally, with this being a horror movie, each time she breaks a rule, something increasingly horrifying happens. Guess she's going to have to either just properly do the job she was being paid to do, or get the shit haunted out of her by this little boy's ghost. Find out which this lazy moron chooses below.

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