Fantastic Four Supposedly Headed Back to Marvel

October 15, 2015


In what could be shocking, game-changing news, it's rumored that the recent Fantastic Four movie may not be quite the absolute piece-of-shit waste we thought it was.

While the film is definitely still a real piece of shit, it seems its shittiness may yet have utility, as the film's all-around failure may have led 20th Century Fox to finally give the Fantastic Four rights back to Marvel.

The news comes from Den of Geek, where it's said that Fox has made a deal to return to Marvel the heroes and villains of the Fantastic Four universe--Galactus, Doctor Doom, and the Silver Surfer among them. Furthermore, apparently Marvel already has plans for their own Fantastic Four film, which it's said is lined up for one of the 2020 mystery title release dates the studio revealed earlier this month.

Though the rumor has not been substantiated by any other sources, there is some evidence to support it. Marvel and Fox yesterday announced that they're teaming up for two series--Legion, an FX show about Professor Xavier's mutant son, and Hellfire, a '60s period series about a wealthy, clandestine society of powerful mutants. It's suspected that Marvel's willingness to work with Fox on those may be the result of a sort of trade for the Fantastic Four rights. Until the deal is made official, though, for now, all we know for certain is that Fant4stic is, for sure, an absolute turd.

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