'Fantasy Island' Getting Rebooted Again at ABC

October 12, 2015


ABC is planning a reboot of Fantasy Island, the series about a magical place where anything could happen--anything except successfully rebooting a late-'70s series in which a small French man screamed at a plane. Nonetheless, that's just what the network is hoping to do, and this isn't the first time they've had such ambitions.

ABC already tried to reboot the wish-fulfillment drama in 1998, casting Malcolm McDowell in the cultured host role originally played by Ricardo Montalbán. This time, though, producers are planning to switch things up by casting a female lead who it's said will be "brilliant, dynamic," and, don't worry, "sexy." Also, apparently now the name won't be so literal. It's reported that now "Fantasy Island" is merely the name of the company that serves its clients' dreams from San Fransisco. It seems that, finally, we have the Fantasy Island of OUR dreams: the one where for some reason there isn't an actual island, and you'll always want to bring around a light jacket.

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