'Ghostbusters' Animated Film Also in the Works

October 2, 2015


In their latest attempt to expand the Ghostbusters universe like a grotesquely oversized Twinkie, Sony Pictures has started development on an animated take on the franchise. The Tracking Board reports that, following possibly canceled plans for a boys-only ghostbusting team and Dan Aykroyd's claim that he's still planning a conventional Ghostbusters 3, the studio now has Sony Pictures Animation working on their own feature-length take on Ghostbusters. It's said the animated project "will follow a similar logline to that of the 1984 original," but it's not clear if it will focus on those original characters, the new female cast, or some entirely new quartet that also lives out the universal tale of inventing a spectral containment system and starting a small business to trap New York City's ghosts.

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