Kevin Sorbo Going Full Kirk Cameron, God Bless Him

October 9, 2015


Well, it looks like Hercules has renounced his Ancient Greek faith for good. According to The Hollywood Reporter, will follow up recent religious pictures God's Not Dead, The Spirit of the Game, Forgiven, The UnMiracle, and Hope Bridge with yet another film that will ensure his passage to Heaven.

It's a Christmas film called The Christmas Gift, set to be directed by Isaac Florentine and eyed to be funded by an IndieGogo campaign producers hope will get them $2.5 million.

Sorbo will play a former NHL player who nobly dedicates his life and riches to helping New York City's homeless. That in itself may not sound like all that preachy or heavy-handedly Christianity-focused, but like with Kirk Cameron's offensively asinine Saving Christmas, it seems producers are really going for the victimized Christian angle.

THR reports:

Producer Frank DeMartini said that by avoiding a traditional Hollywood film studio or TV network, he'll be free from politically correct mores that dictate the phrase "merry Christmas" be avoided in favor of "happy holidays," at least in certain circles.

"This is not a holiday movie -- it's a Christmas movie," said DeMartini.

You hear that, Hollywood? You can't censor this like you did National Lampoon's Winter Break; or A Non-Specific Story To Be Played on TBS for 24-Hours One Day, Apropos of Nothing; or Pagan December 25th with the Kranks; or the many, many, adaptations and soon-to-be-made adaptations of Charles Dickens' immortal An All-Inclusive Winter Holiday Carol. This time, it's going to be made as Christians--and, one would hope, as Christ himself--would want it. With the guy who played Hercules and the director of no less than 22 episodes of Power Rangers.

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