'Mummy' Reboot May Tear Down the White Gauze Patriarchy with Female Mummy

October 14, 2015


Perhaps at last offering a strong role for a woman to be an embalmed corpse in, Universal is reportedly considering a gender swap for the title role of their latest Mummy reboot. According to THR, writer Jon Spaihts and director Alex Kurtzman have started development on two different modern-day takes on the Mummy tale--one with a standard male mummy, one with a mummy who likely had to curse twice as hard to get where she is, in a pyramid or whatever--and it's said the decision for which to pursue will likely depend on casting. Actresses looking to play the female mummy should realize, though, that while the role is that of a centuries-old evil, producers are thinking those centuries should maybe, you know, look in the 18-to-28-year-old range.

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