Next 'Die Hard' To Be Redundant Origin Story

October 15, 2015


After years of declining sequels that, over and over again, pitted John McClane against ever more predictably overwhelming odds, Fox has at last found a new way to make Die Hard's circumstances seem even less extraordinary: they're going to make a prequel. According to Deadline, the studio has made a deal with producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Live Free or Die Hard director Len Wiseman for Die Hard: Year One, the film that will at last provide the origin story for how New York cop John McClane "became a die hard kind of guy," even though everything that made Die Hard interesting was that he was not a particularly die hard kind of guy until Die Hard.

As in Looper, 12 Monkeys, and Disney's The Kid, a younger actor will of course play the Moonlighting star of the past. The increasingly lazy Willis will happily only have to show up to shoot some scenes that it's said will "bookend" a main story set in 1979--assumedly the year John McClane stepped on some glass at the beach and presciently thought, "You know... that wasn't so bad. Also, I'd like to one day drive a car into a helicopter."

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