Pepsi Perfect from 'Back to the Future, Part II' To Be Available in Expensive Limited Quantities

October 5, 2015


Finally bringing to life Back to the Future, Part II's least exciting futuristic vision of 2015, Pepsi has announced that they're going to bottle up some Pepsi Perfect. While Pizza Hut continues to really drop the ball in the dehydrated pizza sector, Pepsi is finally going to take advantage of their egregious, 26-year-old product placement by selling a limited edition run of the soda predicted by Robert Zemeckis's 1989 sequel.

Available October 21, Pepsi Perfect will be sold online at an address not yet revealed, and there will be only 6,500 of them made. Also, a portion of those will be handed out early this weekend at New York Comic Con, where they can be won by either playing the Wild Gunman game at the Pepsi booth or by showing up there dressed as Marty McFly (you have to go all-out with puffy red vest or Back to the Future, Part II-style future jacket, blue jeans, and white high tops). Otherwise, you're going to have to pay $20.15. The future of paying an unreasonable amount for cola is here!

Here's the retro-futuristic commercial Pepsi has made for the launch:

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