Vampires, Zombies, Aliens Finally Conglomerate in 'Freaks of Nature'

October 20, 2015


Long in development under the title Kitchen Sink, Freaks of Nature indeed takes such an approach to genre filmmaking. The teen comedy centers on a small Ohio town where humans, vampires, zombies, and comedy ringers all coexist in a delicate, blood-splattered balance. An alien invasion added to that ends up being a bit much, though, so a teen human, teen vampire, and teen zombie team up (alongside Bob Odenkirk, Patton Oswalt, Denis Leary, Keegan-Michael Key, Ian Roberts, and more) to fight off the foreign invaders--raising the question, for the first time since Teen Wolf Too, should there not be a teen wolf, too? I guess they had to save something for the sequel.

Here's the red-band, NSFW trailer:

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