Alexandra Daddario To Be Gawked at in 'Baywatch' Movie

November 18, 2015


Alexandra Daddario will reunite with her San Andreas co-star and her True Detective awareness of being ogled for the Baywatch movie. The already-cast Dwayne Johnson brings the news, saying Daddario will join himself and Zac Efron in bringing sexy but thoroughly sanitized water rescue back to screens. Johnson also revealed that apparently the cast is going to be sensually jogging through the classic roles of the '90s, as he says Daddario will play "Summer"--the role originally played by Nicole Eggert--and adds, "juuuuust wait til you guys see who we cast for [Pamela Anderson's] iconic role of "CJ Parker." He gave no hint as to who that may be, but smart money is on Kate Upton. Like Johnson, Upton too just worked with Daddario on a project. Also, other reasons.

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