'Christmas Eve' Trailer: This Isn't a Garry Marshall, But by the End You'll Wish It Was

November 3, 2015


With Valentine's Day, New Year's Eve, and soon Mother's Day, Garry Marshall has declared himself king of the mawkish, holiday-based ensemble comedy, a cruel ruler manipulating his armies of generally attractive, well-to-do people from atop his base inside a Hallmark store. But today, it has become clear that a challenger is arisen in director Mitch Davis.

Davis, who previously directed the Anne Hathaway Mormon missionary film The Other Side of Heaven, has mounted a head-on assault on Marshall's soppy tower--and dangerously encroached on Love Actually's territory, too--with Christmas Eve. Marshall needn't worry too much, though, because boy does it look like a piece of shit.

Cribbed directly from New Year's Eve's Ashton Kutcher-Lea Michele subplot, the film focuses on six groups of people trapped in elevators on the titular holiday. There's a guy trapped in a crashed van, too, but he's apparently not as relevant. Patrick Stewart, Cheryl Hines, Gary Cole, and Jon Heder--who seems to be trying to do a bad job in this--are among the trapped. Here's the trailer:

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