Edgar Wright To Direct DreamWorks Animated Film

November 19, 2015


Though he's already working on Baby Driver and just last month attached himself to a Johnny Depp movie, Edgar Wright has already signed on to direct yet another project--and it's a surprising one. Not as surprising as if he suddenly decided to do Ant-Man and the Wasp, but fairly surprising, as Wright has reportedly made a deal with DreamWorks Animation to make a feature-length animated film for the company.

DreamWorks has as far back as 2010 had ambitions to do a movie about the world of shadows, and it's said Wright will now team with Little Britain's David Walliams to co-write and himself direct something on the topic. There are no further details yet, but with this coming from DreamWorks Animation, assumedly it will be about a populace living in the ominous, ever-looming shadow of more planned Shrek sequels.

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