Finally, a Series About Van Helsing's Daughter Being Resurrected in the Future

November 2, 2015


You know that thing where you're talking to your mom on the phone, and for some reason--maybe just so it isn't dead air--she starts telling you about what's happened with the daughter you've never met of a guy you've only heard of? Well, in the modern tradition of adding horror tropes to known tales, Syfy is going to give you that experience again, but now with vampires.

The unsurprisingly NBC-owned cable network has reportedly ordered a 13-episode, hourlong series based in the Dracula mythology and centered on famed vampire hunter Van Helsing's daughter... Vanessa Helsing. Yes, even though his full name was Abraham Van Helsing, we're just going to pretend it was more of a "Van Wilder" situation for the benefit of how clever VANessa Helsing is.

With Wicker Man remaker Neil LaBute as showrunner, the series will apparently see Vanessa here "resurrected five years in the future"--after her death or in our own future remains unclear. At this point in whomever's future, vampires have really killed it out there, and with them in power, Van(essa) Helsing will be using her "unique power" to help the remaining humans fight back. And because this is Syfy, yes, her "unique power" is to generate absurd shark movie ideas to eventually replace this with.

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