God Lives on in Franchise Form in 'God's Not Dead 2' Trailer

November 5, 2015


Though its almost hilariously reductive name would seem to frame it as a sequel, the God's Not Dead sequel, God's Not Dead 2, is, in actuality, merely a Holy Spiritual successor to the original. Yes, it's an all-new cast and story this time, but GND die-hards need not worry, as invented Christian persecution once again stars as the lead in yet another wildly escalated student-teacher conflict.

While its predecessor saw Kevin Sorbo as a straw man college professor insistent that God doesn't exist, God's Not Dead 2 flips the script to instead focus on a teacher not yet eternally damned to the liberal Hell of higher education. Melissa Joan Hart plays but a simple high school teacher. Describing non-violence, she explains, "What makes non-violence so radical is its unwavering commitment to a non-violent approach." She's that simple.

Surprisingly, though, it's not her fantastically lacking instruction that gets her in trouble here. That comes just a few moments later when, in response to that incredibly shitty lesson, a student asks for clarification, questioning if non-violence in akin to the teachings of Jesus. Once more demonstrating why she should not be getting tenured, Clarissa explains it all--too much so--going off on a tangent where she's literally just quoting scripture that asks to "pray for those who persecute you." This being a public school (this also explains the teaching quality), it's clearly a misstep for Sabrina the Teaching Christian.

A kid texts his parents about incident (how modern!); shortly after, the principal gets involved; and before you know it, the American Civil Liberties Union is in on it too, as they take Hart to court over the matter. Oddly, instead of framing the case as a simple separation of church and state matter, the ACLU decides to go for the slam dunk on this one and "prove once and for all that God is dead." I'm a little worried this is going to be their "try on the gloves, O.J." blunder that blows an otherwise airtight case, but we'll see how it goes.

Here's the trailer:

Go quickly, and tell its disciples that the God's Not Dead franchise is risen from the Walmart discount bin; and, behold, it goeth before you back into theaters; there shall ye in church groups see it: lo, I have told you. And they departed quickly from the DVD sepulchre with fear and great joy; and did run to bring its disciples word. And as they went to tell its disciples, behold, Melissa Joan Hart met them, saying, "Apparently I'm the star of this now instead of Kevin Sorbo." Then said Clarissa unto them, "Be not afraid: That garbage Christian band from the first movie reprises their title track, too."

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