Melissa McCarthy Crass as Disgraced CEO This Time in 'The Boss' Trailer

November 20, 2015


Woefully devoid of Kelsey Grammer, The Boss stars Melissa McCarthy in what seems to be her Troop Beverly Hills by way of Madea's Witness Protection and The Mighty Ducks. She plays a CEO who, bankrupt after being jailed for insider trading, is forced to live with her uptight former underling (Kristen Bell) and her daughter. Ha ha! It's funny because we're pretending that the financial crimes of the ultra-rich would actually lead to impoverished desperation. Anyway, since she's this business guru and she's just sitting around in suburbia, she takes it upon herself to take charge of the daughter's Girl Scout-esque troop, transforming their fundraising efforts into a brownie empire. This being Melissa McCarthy, also she tosses some outbursts of rage and physical comedy in there.

Here's the trailer:

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