New 'Ghostbusters' May Resurrect Ecto Cooler

November 30, 2015


Could the new Ghostbusters see the Ghost of Lunchbox Past in a scene-stealing supporting role? So it seems, as there has emerged spectral evidence that Hi-C's Ecto Cooler will again shove its miniature bendy straw into the foil-covered hole of humanity.

The news comes from a Facebook group called SURGE Love, whose love of outmoded neon-green liquid sugar apparently knows no bounds. They've uncovered this document revealing that Coca-Cola this fall filed to renew their trademark for the Ecto Cooler brand name.

Should Coke actually bring back the drink, it will be the first time Ecto Cooler will be on shelves since 2001, when it was discontinued after a surprising fourteen years of delivering increasingly irrelevant branded flavor. After inflation, that means a juice box of the Hi-C favorite will now be worth two packs of Shark Bites fruit snacks.


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