New 'Star Trek' Series Headed to CBS's Streaming Thing

November 2, 2015


Finally expanding their digital streaming content beyond just the usual garbage they broadcast for free already, CBS has started development on a new, online-exclusive Star Trek series for CBS All Access.

Star Trek (the J.J. Abrams one) and Into Darkness writer-producer Alex Kurtzman is executive producing the series, but unlike those prior efforts, this won't be any sort of reboot. It's said this will feature all-new characters traveling through the final frontier, which is space. There will be no Worf here. Or if there is Worf, it will be a different guy who just happens to be named Worf, due to that being a popular name in the future.

CBS has already put in a full series order, and they plan to air the first episode on their network before asking that you shell out $5.99 a month to watch subsequent episodes on CBS All Access. The premiere is set for January 2017. Or should I say, STARDATE January 2017? I should I say, I'm definitely still not ordering your service, CBS?

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