Shane Carruth's 'Modern Ocean' To Feature Actual, Impressive Cast, Things So Crazy They Can't Be Explained in Words

November 4, 2015


As of yet, one-man filmmaking machine Shane Carruth's feature-length efforts--Prime and Upstream Color--have shared two unique qualities: a deeply, brilliantly convoluted storyline and a small cast pretty much just made up of himself and a largely-unknown. For his latest, though, it seems he's doubling down on one of those traits and abandoning the other.

We'd heard before that Carruth's next film, The Modern Ocean, would be a big-budget effort, and with that large budget, Carruth can finally afford an ensemble cast of name-brand actors. As such, FilmNation has just announced that the adventure drama will boast an impressive lineup that includes Anne Hathaway, Jeff Goldblum, Keanu Reeves, Daniel Radcliffe, Chloë Grace Moretz, Asa Butterfield, new Spider-Man Tom Holland, Beasts of No Nation's young breakout star Abraham Attah, and, as usual, Carruth himself.

According to THR, the film "revolves around vengeance and the fierce competition for valuable shipping routes and priceless materials that converge in a spectacular battle on the rolling decks of behemoth cargo ships." FilmNation's release adds, "This epic tale, fraught with danger and intrigue, takes us from the ancient trading houses of Algeria to the darkest depths of the ocean floor." All this talk of shipping routes, trading houses, and cargo ship battles makes it sound like George Lucas's notes for things he wishes he had more of in The Phantom Menace, but with this being Carruth, of course it's wildly more complicated than that--SO MUCH SO that the script is 200 pages, and it's apparently "filled with pictures and diagrams." With a tantalizing description like that, you can't help but wonder... man, what version of Final Draft is this guy using?

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