Sly Stallone Dubs Ry Gosling His Ideal Rambo Successor

November 19, 2015


Sylvester Stallone has anointed his successor to the Rambo headband, and his choice is sure to crush Frank Stallone.

"Who would I pass [Rambo] on to? For real?" Stallone asked, repeating the hypothetical question of an interviewer. "Ryan Gosling. Yeah... Kind of odd choice, right?" Indeed. "Hey girl, Vietnam torture has left me with severe PTSD and a proclivity for violence" just doesn't quite fit the template.

As for passing on Cobra, Stallone said, "You need kind of a real mental case for Cobra," and as for the iconic role of Sgt. Joseph Andrew 'Joe' Bomowski from the 1992 buddy-cop-comedy Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot, no one asked him that. No one is so stupid as to think you could ever replace Stallone as Sgt. Joseph Andrew 'Joe' Bomowski in the 1992 buddy-cop-comedy Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot.

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