Weekend Box Office: Nobody Liked Bradley Cooper's Douchef Costume

November 2, 2015


Well, nice that you dressed up this year, Bradley Cooper, but sorry: nobody appreciated the wit of your "douchef" costume. As such, the Halloween weekend ended up being the year's worst weekend at the box office to date. Cooper's cool-guy-cooking film Burnt hit theaters and ended up following in Aloha's footsteps of making Coops look like an absolutely terrible box office draw. It managed only $5 million on over 3000 screens.

Our Brand Is Crisis, the Sandra Bullock political satire you didn't even realize came out over the weekend, likewise failed to get much traction off the star power of its lead. With a $3.4 million opening, the film gave Bullock an even worse wide-release debut than her 1996 Denis Leary romantic-comedy Two If by Sea, which is really saying something.

To put it in even clearer perspective, even if you were to combine the two openings, it's still a poorer showing than when Cooper and Bullock combined their talents in the immediately-forgotten 2009 comedy All About Steve. And boy was that a shitty movie.

Anyway, The Martian was on top again. Here's your top five:

1. The Martian - $11.4 million

2. Goosebumps - $10.2 million

3. Bridge of Spies - $8 million

4. Hotel Transylvania 2 - $5.8 million

5. Burnt - $5 million

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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