Ari Graynor To Play Lisa, Tear Johnny Apart, in James Franco's 'The Room' Making-Of

December 7, 2015


Ari Graynor has signed on to the gross task of having simulated sex with a simulated Tommy Wiseau. THR reports that Graynor, Jacki Weaver, Hannibal Buress, Andrew Santino, and Josh Hutcherson have signed on to The Disaster Artist, James Franco's adaptation of Greg Sestero's book about being in the fantastically terrible cult movie The Room.

Graynor will play Juliette Danielle--better known as Lisa, the bewilderingly seductive, inexplicable femme fatale of The Room. Weaver will portray Carolyn Minnott, the actress who played Lisa's nonchalantly cancer-riddled mother, Claudette. Buress will play Bill Meur, owner of the soundstage no doubt still haunted by Tommy Wiseau's nude form. Santino will play Scott Holmes, aka Mike, that guy who for some reason goes to Johnny's to make out with his girlfriend. And Hutcherson will play Philip Haldiman, or, as The Room fans will know him, that creepy lil' unfussy voyeur.

Franco, who's directing the film, is already attached to play writer-director-producer-madman Tommy Wiseau. His brother Dave is playing Disaster Artist author and "OH HAI, MARK" subject Greg Sestero. Seth Rogen is also said to already be a part of the cast, though it's not clear who he's playing. Chris-R? That guy with the glasses? That guy who shows up at the party near the end and is suddenly talking like he's this main character, and it's like, who the fuck is this guy? Like with so many things The Room, there's simply no telling what's going on.

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