Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Luthor, Doomsday, Kitchen Sink Face Off in New 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' Trailer

December 3, 2015


Our latest look at Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice feels like it's the most elaborate, big-budget fan trailer ever made--and like most fan trailers, it appears more built for iconic, fan-servicing moments than for being an actual film.

Looking every bit as bloated as the movie's title, this new preview contains a lot of big reveals spared from the Comic Con trailer from back in July. We're shown Lex Luthor, whom Jesse Eisenberg is apparently playing as "Zuckerberg did too much cocaine at this party." We also get the arrival of Wonder Woman, who suddenly appears just in time for her big tableau alongside Superman, Batman, and the big-ass gun Batman is of course famous for wielding.

But undoubtedly the biggest reveal is that, as was rumored but seemed crazy, Doomsday is in this thing. Comic book fans--particularly those that bought the Death of Superman comic foolishly thinking it would be worth something--will know Doomsday as the hulking, prehistoric Kryptonian that managed to (temporarily) kill the Man of Steel. Here, he appears as some kind of gnarled, CGI homunculus Luthor manages to Frankenstein out of Michael Shannon's corpse. Assumedly, it's the same sort of thing Michael Jackson was plotting when he bought the Elephant Man's bones, but, thankfully, we'll never know.

Some other thoughts:

- You know, between Batman explicitly outlining his feelings on Superman and his having what's probably a dream sequence filled with blatantly fascist Superman imagery, I think I get it now. It's quite clear who came out on top in Zack Snyder v Subtlety.

- So instead of the Bale Bat-growl, this Batman just runs his voice through the "kid-to-adult" setting of a Talkboy before making his classic wise-ass remarks?

- Zod may be broken and battered, but it's nice to see that his late-'90s high schooler hair has survived. Kryptonian gel is crazy strong on Earth.

- Considering how quickly Doomsday gets to nonchalantly leveling more buildings, maybe he's just a physical manifestation of Snyder's id?

- Just couldn't leave that smirk behind in Daredevil, could you, Affleck?

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