Keanu's on the Case in the 'Exposed' Trailer

December 4, 2015


The first trailer for Exposed is here, and boy does it stink of on-demand. Might as well have given this thing an "order now" button and a meaty role for 50 Cent. The crime thriller stars Keanu Reeves as a detective whose corrupt partner has just been murdered. The partner's wife, Mira Sorvino, is like, "Hey, could you solve my husband's murder?" And Keanu is like, "I already assumed that was the plot of this. I'm not even sure why you're a necessary character. Anyway, sure. I'll go hassle some people about this until I can find key witness and Knock Knock co-star Ana de Armas."

Here's how that looks:

A cop doggedly, violently harassing black males he wants to pin a crime on? Hitting a touch uncomfortably on the nose there, aren't you, Neo?

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