'Leftovers', 'Nathan for You', 'Grace and Frankie' Renewed; 'Leftovers' Also Sort of Canceled

December 10, 2015


Good news for fans, employees, and local coffee shops and eateries immediately surrounding production offices of The Leftovers, Nathan for You, and Grace and Frankie. HBO, Comedy Central, and Netflix have, respectively, renewed those series, officially giving new-season orders to all three.

For The Leftovers, though, the news is bittersweet. Despite proving a cult hit and critical darling in its second season, the show has struggled to find an audience large enough to justify its budget. (And even Justin Theroux's karaoke cry-singing wasn't enough to get the series any love from the Golden Globes today.) So, while giving the renewal, HBO also quietly gestured the ol' wrap-it-up finger rotation to let Leftovers creators Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta know that this will be their series' final run on the network. If they're going to keep bringing Officer Theroux back from the dead, they're going to have to do it somewhere else.

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