New 'Daredevil' Season 2 Photos Dumbfound Daredevil

December 30, 2015


What new photos from Netflix and Marvel have left Daredevil looking so stupidly gobsmacked? These ones:


Our blind hero is informed that he's spent the last half-hour fighting beef.


Daredevil isn't welcome at midnight mass anymore if he keeps doing this shit the whole time.


Jon Bernthal's Punisher finds out how little a pawn shop pays for a sack of CB radios.


√Člodie Yung's Elektra gives Matt Murdock that look that he can't see.


Daredevil now has go to daytime mass at a different church, because he wouldn't stop with the standing in the aisle bullshit. And that's his entire season two character arc.

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