Rambo TV Series To Focus on Father-Son Relationship with Murder

December 1, 2015


John Rambo displays fatherly love.

Finally delivering where Son of Rambow failed us all, Sylvester Stallone is going to show us John Rambo's progeny.

In an update to the news that there's going to be a Rambo television series, Deadline is reporting that Fox has not learned from the lesson of the failed pilot for a Beverly Hills Cop father-son series. It's said he network has closed a deal to now put into development a new series about Rambo and the son a woman for some reason had with him.

Despite Stallone's wishes, Ryan Gosling is not involved. But Stallone is executive producing and expected to reprise his role. He would be "a key character on the show," as this would explore his "complex relationship" with his former Navy SEAL son J.R. (yes, apparently John Rambo's son is J.R., Jr.). So get ready for 13 episodes of, "Hey, sorry my dad tried to murder you. He's still pretty screwed up from Vietnam."

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