Ron Howard Renews Hope for More 'Arrested Development'

December 11, 2015


As it has across four seasons, Ron Howard's voice has given an update as to what's going on with Arrested Development. Last we heard, Netflix was supposedly releasing a new season around May, and while that's clearly not on schedule to happen, the series is at least still slowly moving forward.

"Mitch Hurwitz, the creator of the show, is working with writers now. Netflix is behind it. 20th Century Fox is behind it," the familiar voice of Howard told Good Morning America.

Told that that sounds likes a "yes" for the new season, Howard's warmly-nasally voice clarified, "Well, it's a 'hopeful,' because what's happened is, the cast has become so frickin' in-demand and busy. Everybody wants to do it. Fans want it. So, I'd be saddened if we didn't achieve it."

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