See Alexander Skarsgård's Shirtless Jungle Adventure in 'Legend of Tarzan' Trailer

December 10, 2015


If a Tarzan adaptation isn't playing Phil Collins, can it still make a sound? 2013's little seen, immediately forgotten, animated Tarzan wouldn't suggest so, but next summer, Warner Bros. is going to give it another shot with The Legend of Tarzan. To their credit, though, they aren't half-assing it like that Kellan Lutz-voiced one.

Directed by David Yates with a similarly dark, CGI-painted look as his late-era Harry Potter films, the film stars the crowd-pleasing likes of Alexander Skarsgård's torso and a soaking wet Margot Robbie, and boasts eccentric performances from Tarantino ringers Christoph Waltz and Samuel L. Jackson. It also tells a slightly different version of the story than we're used to, jumping ahead to an already-civilized Tarzan that essentially comes out of retirement, literally stripping off his human trappings to reveal his true, animal, abdominal self.

Here's the trailer:

And here we thought Tarzan only wore nicely tailored slacks. He also wears a bespoke suit!?

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