The Gang Hits the Slopes in New 'It's Always Sunny' Promo

December 7, 2015


It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia returns in January, and from the looks of it, the new season will see the Gang at their most depraved yet: pandering to late-'80s/early-'90s nostalgia. This trailer for the season opener sees Dennis, Mac, Charlie, Dee, and Frank hitting the slopes in an episode that's clearly Ski School-inspired--right down to what seems to be an appearance from the 1990 film's star, Dean Cameron. Add to that a VHS effect, corny voice-over and graphics, and Stan Bush's "Dare" from the 1986 film Transformers: The Movie, and, well, someone on the internet was just spared from one day making a "What If It's Always Sunny was an '80s comedy?" trailer edit. Have a look:

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