'Avatar' Sequels Delayed Yet Again

January 22, 2016


You know, for how much James Cameron insists on the necessity of several more Avatar films, he sure doesn't seem very eager to emerge from his submersible and actually shoot them.

The first follow-up to the 2009 film was originally scheduled for the end of this year until, one year ago, it was pushed back to the end of 2017 instead, giving Cameron some more time to come up with funny names. Now, though, The Wrap is reporting that Avatar 2 is going to miss its 2017 holiday window, too. It's said that the three sequels, which Cameron plans to shoot in tandem, haven't actually started shooting yet; work is apparently still being done on soundstage construction, and there is not a set production start date. Suffice to say, whenever the next Avatar does finally come out, you will definitely not remember what star Sam Worthington looked like.

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