Circuit City To Re-Open Before Clearly Going Out of Business Again

January 28, 2016


Circuit City, the retailer renowned for being where you went 13 years ago if Best Buy didn't have it, is making an almost certainly brief comeback. According to Twice, the apparently still operational trade magazine for tech industry news (via), a couple "New York area retail vets" have purchased the brand, domain, and associated trademarks of the company, and they plan to continue such questionable investment planning by expanding upon the fairly hilarious "Circuit City" name.

Apparently, the new owners are planning "an ambitious, multi-tiered game plan that calls for retail outlets, web sales, branded and private-label products, licensed kiosks, mobile shops and franchise opportunities." It's said that these new retail outlets are "targeted directly at millennials [and] the mix will include pre- and postpaid smartphones, as well as tablets, notebooks, wearables, networking equipment, gaming products, headphones, drones, 3D printers, health appliances, and DIY devices, all supplemented by a service desk, electronic price tags and touchscreen terminals that link customers with what is envisioned as a million-SKU selection online." In essence, just the sort of brick-and-mortar store with a service desk and health appliances that millennials love.

The company plans to further offer "a 'quality, value-priced' assortment of USB cables, power banks, digital accessories and other items under the company's own AudioMate, DigitalMate and Circuit City badges." You know, sort of like Amazon already conveniently offers, but now with that DigitalMate household name we all know and trust.

Should the re-invention work, the next step is to revive Blockbuster, and then, finally, to confirm that we're definitely in 2003 somehow.

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