Clooney Gets into a Financial/Hostage Crisis in Jodie Foster's 'Money Monster' Trailer

January 13, 2016


Well, if you thought The Big Short felt like a bit too concise of a statement on the recent financial collapse, you're in luck, because now there's a movie to diffuse that topic with some thrilling gun stand-offs.

Featuring the hottest trifecta of 1999, Money Monster sees Jodie Foster directing George Clooney and Julia Roberts in a thriller that reimagines the lightly-topical hostage drama of John Q as screamed by CNBC's Jim Cramer. Clooney plays the brash, loud-mouthed host of a news channel's financial show, and Roberts is his producer. Unbroken's Jack O'Connell plays a viewer that takes the studio hostage after a bum tip from Clooney made him lose all of his savings.

With the show still being broadcast live, O'Connell boldly declares that the system is rigged, and that the Wall St. bankers are the real criminals. Naturally, this makes all the Wall St. people freak out, because no one has ever publicly made such a statement before. This guy is going to blow the lid off everything that people definitely never thought before! And you know who's going to help him? Yup. George Clooney. It turns out, once you strap a bomb vest on him, he morphs into the charismatic, liberal Clooney we know and love.

Here's the trailer:

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