'Disaster Artist' Has Amazing 'The Room' Poster, Bryan Cranston, Alison Brie

January 15, 2016


James Franco posted this several weeks ago, so I apologize for missing it then. But I do not apologize for belatedly posting it now, because this poster from Franco's The Room making-of dramatization, The Disaster Artist, is outstanding. It's got Franco doing the classic, super-gross Tommy Wiseau smolder as seen on The Room's poster and DVD cover; it's got Dave Franco's Mark; Josh Hutcherson's pervert neighbor Denny; Ari Graynor's Lisa dye-job; Jacki Weaver's amazingly on-point, casually cancer-ravaged Claudette; Zac Efron's drug-dealing Chris-R; plus, Nathan Fielder, who is apparently playing Peter, that guy who trips and falls playing football in a tuxedo and then disappears from the film.

Fielder isn't the only quietly added cast member, though. As seen in an Instagram post Franco made yesterday, The Disaster Artist will also see Bryan Cranston and Alison Brie telling the story of pretty much the most earnestly awful movie ever made:

When #walterwhite joins the partaaaaay! (Check the #straighoutofcompton t-shirt! They got robbed!) #cantersdeli #thedisasterartist

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The IMDb says Brie is playing "Amber," but Cranston's role is still unreported. Maybe he's the florist's runner-up favorite customer?

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