Disney To Make 'Star Wars', Marvel Films Indefinitely, If That Wasn't Yet Apparent

January 27, 2016


Confirming what he figured everyone had already figured out by this point, Disney chairman Bob Iger has said that they're pretty much going to milk Marvel and Star Wars until those suckers run dry.

"There are five Star Wars films--four more with Episode VII: The Force Awakens--that are in varying stages of development and production," Iger told Newsbeat of the franchise his company paid a cool $4 billion to acquire with Lucasfilm. "There will be more after that, I don't know how many, I don't know how often." After all, numbers and time lose meaning when you're talking about the infinite.

Though don't think that Disney has lost focus on Marvel, the other cash cow they casually threw $4 billion at to acquire. Iger likewise confirmed the pretty obvious fact that Disney is also going to just keep banging those out for a literal eternity.

"Marvel, you're dealing with thousands and thousands of characters," he added. "That will go on forever."


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