Harrison Ford, Natalie Dormer To Finally Get Some Heavy Smirking Done Together

January 29, 2016


Get ready for some serious cockeyed smiling, everyone, because Harrison Ford and Natalie Dormer are doing a film together. They're teaming up with Anthony Hopkins, Paul Bettany, and Martin Freeman for Official Secrets, which really sounds like a '90s political thriller but is actually a modern, fact-based political thriller. Based on the Marcia Mitchell book The Spy Who Tried To Stop a War: Katharine Gun and the Secret Plot To Sanction the Iraq Invasion, the film will reportedly see Dormer star as Gun, a British intelligence officer who in 2003 was arrested after leaking classified information to London Observer reporter Martin Bright (Bettany). Freeman is playing an Observer editor, Hopkins is playing a retired UK general, and Ford is playing a CIA agent, because at this point in his career, there was absolutely no way he was going to bother with a British accent.

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