Have Mercy: 'Fuller House' Featurette Goes Behind the Scenes of Mankind's Fall

January 26, 2016


Each year, countless pitches and pilots for new series get overlooked or turned down, killing the dreams of all involved. Fuller House does not fit within this category. It was send straight to series at John Stamos's whim, and it is killing our own dreams of a world where we learn from the cloying mistakes of the past. It is the television equivalent of a blended up purée of unseasoned sweet potatoes and chicken. It is something one may well have been spoon fed as a child, but to willingly gobble this pap up now, as an adult, in public, would seem to be borderline deranged.

Yet here is a featurette of people doing just that. Fans taking photos, wearing Full House t-shirts, getting autographs, roaring with laughter as now Uncle Jesse says Stephanie's catchphrase, and vice-versa. This isn't even a full trailer, yet it's already far too disturbingly deep down the hole of Mr. Woodchuck, whose revived puppet kept Dave Coulier from joining in on the joyful applause at a table read. This is the reality our society has created, though, so here's Kimmy Gibbler reminding you that she also has a catchphrase or three:

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