Key and Peele but Not Reeves Go Gangsta for 'Keanu' Trailer

January 21, 2016


Take a Key & Peele sketch about some milquetoast dweebs pretending to be drug-dealing gangstas, stretch it thinly across the rough plot of Keanu Reeves's John Wick, and you've got the basic gist of Keanu. The film sees Jordan Peele as a man who, despondent over the loss of his girlfriend, finds relief in a kitten named Keanu that shows up on his doorstep. A gang led by Method Mad for some reason abducts the cat, though, forcing Peele and his friend Keegan-Michael Key to infiltrate the group and get back the pet. Incidentally, said infiltration involves dropping a lot of N-words, so this amusing cat video is not suitable for work. (If you are at work, please enjoy this different amusing cat video in which people drop fewer racial slurs.)

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