'Masters of the Universe' Movie May Be Directed by McG

January 22, 2016


Failing to learn the lesson of Terminator Salvation, Hollywood may once again let McG reboot a franchise about an evil, muscular skeleton. Deadline is reporting that the director, who last tackled the quickly forgotten Costner vehicle 3 Days to Kill, is in talks to helm Masters of the Universe, Sony's long-planned re-do of the 1987 movie based on that cartoon made to sell space-barbarian toys.

Back in August it was reported that Thor series contributor Christopher Yost was writing the film's script, but now it's said that McG will oversee a re-write of a draft from Predators writers Alex Litvak and Mike Finch. True to the spirit of He-Man figures, this movie is going to have a lot of grubby little fingers on it before it becomes a garage sale fixture.

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