Tarantino Adapting 'Hateful Eight' for Blood-Covered Stage

January 11, 2016


Finally broadening his influences to include Gallagher, Quentin Tarantino is going to give us a stage show with a splash zone. Speaking to The Wrap, Tarantino has revealed that he's going to adapt his recently-released Hateful Eight into a play.

"I've thought it out completely. I'm just waiting for this [awards] season to be over so I can write it," Tarantino said, adding that he would also direct the production.

"Harvey [Weinstein] actually -- he tried to talk me into doing it as a play first," Tarantino explained. "He said, 'Let's just say this out loud before we commit to doing the movie.' And I was like, 'Look, I could. But I like the mystery aspect and the mystery aspect will really only work in the movie. And I have the 70mm and I have the snow. So let me do that.'"

We can only assume this film-to-stage adaptation won't fail us where Shrek the Musical did in terms of dudes getting shot in the dick.

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