Tyler Perry's Brain Insists Upon Madea Halloween Movie

January 19, 2016


Tyler Perry's Tyler Perry Studios today announced that, before we could even do anything to stop him, Tyler Perry has started production on a holiday-themed follow-up to Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas. This one will take advantage of the horrific nature of Tyler Perry being dressed up as a violent, clearly not-actually-elderly woman by celebrating Halloween with Madea. It's said that the idea was conceived "when Perry and Chris Rock conspired to include a fictitious Madea Halloween movie in Rock's film Top Five." (Like fellow dual-role cross-dresser Adam Sandler, who followed the self-parodying Funny People with Zookeeper and Jack and Jill, Perry apparently takes satire of his career as a pitch.) Most infuriatingly, the film is reportedly titled Boo! A Madea Halloween. WHY IS IT NOT HELLUR-WEEN???

Posted by Tyler Perry on Thursday, November 12, 2015
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